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COVID CLASSICS: Recreate famous artworks at home this long weekend

Getty Museum is challenging you to recreate famous works of art with things you can find around the house. And we think it’s a great way to spend your long weekend.

Like many art galleries and museums around the world, The Getty has closed its doors to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Los Angeles based institution says they hope to continue their mission to bring people around the world together through art by challenging people to recreate the classics.

So far participants have used household items, pets and themselves in their recreations and the results are often hilarious.


People who have participated in the challenge have expressed that they feel a sense of comfort in the act of creating and engaging with art. Below you can find instructions on how to add your masterpiece to the collection.

STEP ONE: Choose an artwork. The Getty website is a great place to start.

STEP TWO: Find three things in the house to use in your picture

STEP THREE: Recreate the work, upload your photo to Instagram and share the results with the hashtag #covidclassics