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COUPLE GOALS: How to work out with your partner and live to tell the tale

Surely this is pretty much a tale as old as time. You’re looking hot to flipping trot (whatever that may look like because we’re talking about health here not looks people so, don’t panic) and you just happen to bump into the love of your life.

There’s dinner and drinks, and more dinner and drinks, which all eventually turns into hungover Uber eats at mid-afternoon on a Sunday feeling like the 5K you used to run on the reg is pretty much impossible now.

So what do you do? Why not introduce some health and wellness together? Sure it’s a minefield but hear us out, okay? Here are our top five tips on working out with your partner and living to tell the tale. 

1. Group fitness classes are the shit

Seriously though, usually you can get lost in the crowd and you never really have to pair up with your significant other if you don’t want to.

Just go and do your thing, and be happy that you have someone to complain to after it’s all over. You’re all in this together.

2. A little competition goes a long way

Seriously though, competition is pretty darn great right!

So says I, but my partner, not so much. But a little dash of competition can kind of keep you going if you’re into that sort of thing.

Make a game of it, ya dig?

3. Plan your meals together

This is a pretty big one.

If one person is sucking down ciders and ordering UberEats like it ain’t no thang, it makes it hard for someone who wants to get a little fitspo and feel a little better.

If you’re in it together, your chance of success is a whole lot higher.

4. Work out separately

Personally, I really dig boxing classes. I love them a lot.

It’s high intensity, and super fun, and I get to hit things. I also love spin. But I can’t stand going for a walk which is basically a run in the morning with my partner.

I’m not into it. You like what you like and that’s ok too.

5. Take it easy on each other

You don’t have to make this a race for the masses ya know! Take it easy, kids. Be nice to each other, encourage each other, motivate each other, and you do you.

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Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.