BULK BITES: Eat your way through Costco’s food offerings

Costco Lake Macquaire has been open for a while now, and while everyone has been excited about the cheap petrol, bulk-buy loo paper and the shoe discounts, for us it’s all about the food.

Sure you can pick up a big-screen TV, a massive Christmas decoration or even a set of golf clubs but let’s drill down on what really matters.

Check out four of the food items everyone has been losing their minds over, below.

Cheese Balls

500 grams of cheese ball extravaganza!

Look, we’d be lying if we said these tasted any good. To be honest, they’re pretty disgusting. But think of all the Insta shots and what you can store in that gigantic plastic jar!

Pumpkin Pie

This is a MASSIVE slice of Americana!

Thankfully, the Costco pumpkin pie packs in a lot more flavour than the cheeseballs above. It’s not the best pie you’ll ever taste in your life (could probably do with an extra shake of spice), but it’s passable especially with a good dollop of cream.


One of the hot ticket items in the Costco food court is pizza.

The first thing to note is that it’s massive (it’s Costco after all). Available by the slice or in full flavours include Supreme, Cheese, BBQ Meat, BBQ chicken with Feta, Margherita and Vegetarian.


We’ve saved the best till last…

Probably the tastiest thing you’ll pick up on your next visit to Costco. The Cheesecake Factory original cheesecake is everything you want it to be. And just like all the other times on this list, it’s massive and you’ll be reaching for the fat pants before the end of the week.