The Royal Exchange Theatre on Bolton Street is "an absolute gem."
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COOL ARCHITECTURE: Five amazing spaces in Newcastle you may have missed

When was the last time you toured your city like… well, a tourist? Newcastle is seriously an amazing place, you just need to take the time to take a second look. It’s not just the culture I’m talking about here either. Let’s put our bricks out on the table and talk architecture.

Here is our top five list of buildings you might have missed when looking around town.

1. The Royal Exchange

This is a bit of a sneaky one. It’s on Bolton Street right in the centre of town, and honestly if you walked past if without noticing, I don’t blame you. As with people, it’s what’s on the inside that counts and this particular location is an absolute beauty. An old theatre complete with red curtains, this place is an absolute local gem.

2. The Newcastle Station

It’s taken a while but the old Newcastle Station is finally… new again. And honestly even the most die-hard of anti-tram fans will be impressed.

The platform has been completely transformed (complete with kids scooter track) as well as some incredible retail spaces calling the platform home. Designers and developers have held true to the heritage vibe of the building and the place looks ah-mazing.

3. Bolton Street Carpark

Sure, it might just look like your standard car park but have you seen the town from the rooftop? At night? Like seriously. If you’re reading this right now and it happens to be sunset time, stop what you’re doing immediately and get the elevator up to the rooftop.

You’ll also get a view of all of the other amazing landmarks you might have missed along the way!

4. Movies on King Street

Now I don’t really know what the plans are for the old movie cinema on King Street but I am holding out hope that it will be something amazing. I am also holding out to even more hope that it will remain a movie theatre.

The centre of town most definitely needs one, and I’m sure that the surrounding restaurants will be very thankful at the prospect. But Tower Cinemas was actually one of the first cinemas in Australia to house two screens! That’s pretty bloody brilliant if you ask me.

5. 48 Watt Street

Although predominantly a wedding venue, 48 Watt Street is first and foremost, one of the more beautiful buildings in Newcastle. With the stained glass windows, and the acoustics, and all the of the things that make a building great it’s most definitely worth a look. Why not take a cheeky sticky beak next time you’re strolling passed?