A Conversation with Mark Tinson

Mark Tinson has spent 50 years making music. On Friday, 9 February he is celebrating his 64th birthday by releasing his autobiography: “Too Much Rock ‘n’ Roll – a life of music” AND his new CD: “Mark Tinson’s Surfcats” with a massive gig at Lizotte’s.

Tinno will present a retrospective of 50 years of music with many of the musicians and singers that he’s worked with over the last half-century.

On stage you’ll see Mike Rudd (Spectrum), Bob Spencer (Skyhooks, Angels, Rose Tattoo) Les Hall & Herm Kovac (TMG), Martin Cilia (Atlantics), Peter Gray (The Mentals), Mike Stove (Punkfish), Rockwell T. James, Surfcats, Heroes, Rabbit, Bluegrass, Raiding Party, Tex Pistols, Brien McVernon, Julie Wilson, Stephanie Howell, Mitch Capone, The Orphans and some surprise guests.

In this interview, Steven Pickett sits down for a chat with Mark about his life, the release and the gig at Lizottes.

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