Controversial Documentaries to binge on Netflix this weekend

Here it is kids, it’s February. The time where everyone is (reluctantly) back at work and the reality of the new year (and your bank account) have finally begun to sink in.

It’s just far too expensive to go out, and most of the time, even if we did have the time, money, and energy, it’s far too bloody hot anyway. Which is exactly why, you should stay home and binge on Netflix instead. Sure, you could re-watch every single episode of Gilmore Girls or whatever else is floating around the online eather or… you could #getwoke and watch some hectic documentaries. At least you won’t feel like it’s a weekend wasted and you’ll be able to impress your friends with all of your new found worldly knowledge. Here’s our list, but suggestions are always welcome.

Netflix binge forever.

Fyre Festival

We wrote about this one last week but it’s worth mentioning again. The Fyre Festival fiasco is an absolute shit show and although it’s one of the most anxiety inducing shows to ever be put to air, it’s also so ridiculously entertaining and thrilling to watch. The demise of the world’s greatest festival that never was is a certified hit.

Conversations with a killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Ted Bundy is one of the hottest topics in serial killer news right now (and it’s not just because of Zac Efron). This 4-part series is harrowing, thrilling and quite simply a little hard to watch. Not only is Bundy one of the most notorious serial killers in American history, he was also the most charming, beloved and creepily charismatic. This one will have you locking your doors and windows and dying your hair blonde.

After Porn Ends

Every career has an expiration date, although some more than others. The After Porn ends series deep dives into the porn industry and exactly what the talent do, after they’ve all had one last go round. The documentary explores the porn industry as a whole, and also examines what life is really like on the job and after all is said and done.

Hot Girls Wanted

Whereas After Porn Ends explores more of the positive side to the industry, Hot Girls Wanted takes a turn for the dark and sinister. Hot Girls Wanted explores how young and vulnerable women are exploited within the industry leaving some feeling as though they have no autonomy or no way out. It’s a dark and interesting watch, and might have you filtering your internet searches a little better.

My Sex Robot

You can sense a theme here yeah? Everyone has a saucy side but for some, us humans just don’t cut it. The world of sex robots is both a rising one and controversial one, and this is a must watch documentary. There are so many sides (and bells and whistles) to this story that will leave you grasping for more info to which I say, the internet is a wonderful resource.


This is a fresh new docco which dropped in the last month or so, about a man who bought and owned a hotel purely for the purpose of spying on his guests. There’s a whole controversy which stretches far beyond the surface involving a media circus which destroyed everything in its path. A very bingeable, and addictive watch indeed.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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