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COLD ENOUGH FOR YA? Top five places that have been warmer than Newcastle this last week

How about that cold snap hey? It’s been wild, to say the least, and is Novocastrians aren’t really built for the likes of this sort of weather. How cold has it been? I’m not here to throw numbers at you, no no no, let’s talk ‘cold’ hard facts. 


You might think it’s pretty far fetched but I’ve heard that people sunbake in Antarctica. For real real, not for play play. Even if it is during the one or two hours of sunlight in the middle of the day, it still happens. No sunbaking in Newy last week though was there? 


We’ve all heard about the Russian winters, right? Apparently, they were cold enough and treacherous enough to stop an army. Seems legit I guess, sure. But did they step outside into the 70km hour winds near Nobby’s this week? Nup not likely. 

Picture: Jbrubins

Forks – Washington State, US

Well the Cullen’s SPECIFICALLY chose forks because of the lack of sunlight. Lack of sun = lack of warmth = cold as ice ice baby.

Are we going to see a mysteriously good looking, kind of sort of inbred family moving to these parts soon? With the weather and all. 

Mount Everest Base Camp

Suuuuure it’s the highest peak in the world (is it though?) and is known to be pretty cold but I’m pretty darn sure some fresh powder happened to scatter across sugarloaf last week. You know, mount sugarloaf, the next highest peak in the land. 

The downstairs room of an ancient share house

Yah, even Tim’s room downstairs, the one with cement walls and floors and no sunlight was reportedly warmer this past week than the centre of Newcastle. If that ain’t something to measure by then what is?

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.