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SMASH IT UP: Top Mix-Ins and flavour combos at Cold Rock

Choose your flavour, mix in some yummy and smash it all up. A trip to Australian owned ice creamery, Cold Rock is basically a mouth party waiting to happen.

So, we’re gonna take a look at Cold Rock’s top-selling mix-ins and then smash it up with some must-try flavour combos you need to try on your next visit.

Top Cold Rock Mix-Ins

There are so many to choose from but these are our picks for Cold Rock’s best mix-ins.

Caramello Koala

George (that’s his name – look it up), theCaramello Koala, is kind of a two for one deal when you’re talkingmix-ins. You get the delicious Cadbury milk chocolate and the sweet sweet gooey caramel. It makes sense for this star to lead the list.


Everyone remembers the first time they tried malt in their milkshake or sprinkled it on top of ice cream. It’s like the MSG of the sweet world – It boosts flavour and you feel a bit naughty enjoying it. And just like the Caramello Koala, this is a two for one because there’s also chocolate involved.

M&M’s Minis

These toothsome little candy chocolate bombs are probably our pick for adding the perfect textural element to your ice cream. Chocolaty and crunchy do we really have to say anything more?

Gummi bears

Don’t write Gummi bears off as just a mix-in for the kids, these things can take some ice cream flavours to a different planet. Chewy and cute. What more could you ask for.

Mars Bar

The granddaddy of chocolate bars has stuck around since 1932 for good reason. And smashing aMars Bar into your ice cream is kind of like the grand final of mix-ins. Go on, you deserve it.

Cold Rock Flavour combos

If choosing your mix-ins wasn’t hard enough, when you start talking combos with the lineup of Cold Rock ice creams you’re looking at something like 30,000 combinations you can get stuck into. So, here’s a few we reckon you should try.

Cold Rock Cookie Jar

Let’s start out by talking about one of the most popular flavour combos. The Cold Rock Cookie Jar is a mix of their Cookies & Cream ice cream mixed in with Oreo, Time Tam and their famous cookie dough. It’s next level, and if you haven’t tried it you’re not living, Barry.

The Mocha

Get your cafe fix in ice cream form and order coffee ice cream with Kit Kat and Maltesers mix-ins.

Bubblegum Buz

Stick with us… Bubblegum ice cream, Nerds, Gummy Bears and mini marshmallows. Don’t knock it until you try it.

After Dinner Mint

Go back to the quintessential 80s dinner party dessert with Mint ice cream with brownie mix-in.


It’s hard to beat a mix of Ferrero ice cream smashed together with a Picnic a Ferrero
Rocher and a dollop of Nutella.

Cold Rock Ice Creamery

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