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SATURDAY SIPPERS: What you can expect from a Coal & Cedar spirits sample pack

Coal & Cedar has to be one of our favourite places in the CBD.

Way back when they were one of Newcastle’s first small bars, and our only speakeasy, Newcastle Live welcomed Coal & Cedar with open arms and a thirst to be quenched. Since that time we’ve shared many drinks and enjoyed quite a few cocktails master classes with these guys.

We sure were excited to see how they responded to the coronavirus-related regulation changes (hello takeaway alcohol and delivery to your door!) so, we ordered ourselves one of their specialty spirits Sample Packs and here’s what we found.

Options for everyone

There are currently seven Coal & Cedar sample packs available for purchase which means you will find a drink for absolutely everyone. Whisky, gin, tequila and lots in between – this is a great way to uncover a new favourite spirit.

We choose the Sipping Amaro Sample Pack which contains: Cynar, Montenegro, Braulio, Okar (Australian made, who knew?) and Amaro Angostura (absolutely freaking delicious!).

Presentation and taste

If you’ve ever visited Coal & Cedar you will know presentation, quality and taste are top of mind for these guys – cool dark interiors, the perfect glass for every drink and a class of spirits you won’t see everywhere.

These sample packs are no different. The packaging is elegant and the glass bottles come in both 30ml or 50ml servings.

Drinks, but make it an activity

Sure we are all probably drinking a little more than we usually do. No judgment. But if you are looking to discover something new or trying to break up the self-iso weekend sameness why not do an at home tasting of drinks you’ve never had before?

Each pack comes with tasting notes so you are actually learning along the way! Sean from Coal & Cedar also invites you to send them a message with any questions or to ask for cocktail ideas – make a night of it and get your mixology on.

You can order the Coal & Cedar sample packs through their website. Free delivery is available to a selection of inner city Newcastle suburbs, otherwise postage is available to get these precious little bottles of spirits safely to your door.