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CHICKEN-FLAVOURED CHEEZELS: Why we expect more from our boxed snacks

A few weeks ago we contemplated the release of the new Chickeese flavoured Twisties, and now this.

If @nectoriouspapi‘s Instagram post is to be believed, Chicken-flavoured Cheezels are about to hit supermarket shelves.

If that’s actually true, then we’re pretty sure it’s a sign of the apocalypse.

Sure, you lovers of the chicken-flavoured chip are probably rejoicing right about now, and some of you might even be about to Google where you can get your hands on a box of these bad boys. But how about we all just stop for a hot minute to have a real good think about what’s going on here?

Cheezels need to protect their premium snack status. They are a pillar of the chip community. And while we can abide by Twisties having a little flavour fun, we should be expecting more from our boxed chip overlords.

Basically, if we let this slide… Who knows what they’ll come for next?

As we said above, the release of Chicken-flavoured Cheezels is just a rumour at this stage, but if past flavour abominations are anything to go by (we’re looking at you Vegemite-flavoured hot cross buns), then you’ll be seeing them on supermarket shelves soon.