Celebrate 30 years of the Newcastle Knights

Have you ever had the pleasure of writing your name in wet cement?

How about at the beach? Have you ever taken a stick and scribed your name so big that even the Westpac chopper would have no problem locating ‘your spot’.

What about when you were a kid. Ever taken a texter and written on something that you ‘were here’ and the date?

Come on… if you say no, I don’t believe you. Why? Because at one time or another in our lives we’ve all done it – laid claim to a place by putting our name on it.

Just last year my partner and I noticed wet cement on the footpath and wrote TS ‘heart’ NT outside our home.

Childish? Maybe.
Sentimental? Definitely.

I think the reason we do this is to ensure our place in the history of things. Will anyone know who TS & NT are? Probably not, but whenever someone sees it they’ll know I was loved and that’s why every time I see that little engraving I smile.

2017 is the 30th Anniversary of the Newcastle Knights – our hometown team.

I know, I know… it’s been a while since we’ve had the chance to stand up and cheer, but hey, this is Newcastle. We’re all about the fight aren’t we? We’re about loyalty, standing up for your mate and backing the underdog. At least I like to think we are. Our club is asking for our help. Not through buying shares, but by becoming a part of their history – by writing our name in the sand.

To celebrate 30 years, the Knights are offering the opportunity to ‘secure your patch’ of history.

It’s a clever campaign. You go onto the website, watch some videos that show the club’s greatest moments over the past 30 years and then via a stadium map you can choose a patch associated with your favourite memory. Then you simply sign up for your membership and your name will be attached to that patch. For all intents and purposes it will be yours.

There’s no denying it is a campaign to sell memberships, BUT, the message is what matters. They are asking us to write our name in the history of the team.
And it would be cool to go along to the stadium and see Trent Hodkinson score a try in ‘my’ patch. That’s right – hands off! That patch is mine! Lol

If you are a proud Novocastrian, if you are passionate about sports, if you remember 1997 then you won’t need much convincing on this one. To write your name in the history of an iconic sports team and lend your support when they need it most is no brainer for a town like Newcastle. And hey, there’s always the chance to say ‘ Look down there mate, my patch is way better than yours’ to the guy sitting next to you!

See you at the game….

To learn more about claiming ‘Your Patch’ of Knights history go to:

Written by Newcastle Live

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