Esther Hannaford will tackle Carole King's iconic album Tapestry at the Civic Theatre next month. Picture: Supplied.
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STILL BEAUTIFUL: Carole King’s iconic Tapestry album celebrated in Civic Theatre show

It might be hard to believe, but Carole King’s iconic sophomore album Tapestry turned 50 this year.

And what better way to mark the occasion than with a special tribute show led by one of Australia’s finest leading ladies?

Well, Carole King’s “Tapestry” 50th Anniversary show will be hitting the Civic Theatre on Thursday 16 April, led by the amazing voice of Esther Hannaford.

Esther took on the role of the iconic songwriter for the Australian production of the acclaimed musical Beautiful: The Carole King Musical and told Newcastle Live that she couldn’t wait to dive back into such inviting material.

“I din’t think that I has ever going to get to sing these songs again and, after the year that we’ve had I think these shows are going to be very special for us on stage and the audience,” she said.

“I just can’t wait.”

The show will present Tapestry in its unabridged form as well a selection from Carole’s formidable catalogue and the numerous hits she wrote for other massive artists.

“It really is an album that has a perfect arc and one that you really need to listen to from track one to track,” Esther said.

“And that’s why we will be playing the album in full, the way it was recorded and intended to be heard.”

There’s no doubt that Esther’s Carole is on point with the actress picking up a Helpmann Award in 2018 for her turn in Beautiful but what about the bad that she will be fronting?

Well, never fear because joining Esther for the night will be Jet bass player Mark Wilkinson, Clio Renner and Lois Macklin on keys, Olivia Bartley (aka Olympia) on guitars and vocals and Pete Marin on drums.

The cultural significance of Tapestry cannot be understated. After a mediocre showing with her debut Writer, to say that Carole hit it out of the park with album number to is an understatement at best.

Containing such decade-defining hits as I Feel The Earth Move, It’s Too Late, You’ve Got A Friend and the astonishing closer (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman, Tapestry established Carole as a creative force to be reckoned with.

The album went on to sell a whopping 25 million. units and went straight to number one on the Billboard charts where it stayed for an incredible 15 consecutive weeks.

In fact, such was the success of the album that it stayed in those Billboard charts for a staggering FIVE YEARS!

So, just what is it about that collection of songs that resonated so well with audiences back in 1971 and indeed in 2021?

“Her songs have this simple way of explaining or describing how people experience the things we all experience like falling in love or heartbreak.,” Esther said.

“She is able to capture emotion in a way that can’t help but resonate, be it 50 years ago or now.”

Catch Carole King’s “Tapestry” 50th Anniversary starring Esther Hannaford at the Civic Theatre on Thursday 15 April. Get your tickets here.