Carb On Carb on their Hamilton Station gig this Wednesday

Carb On Carb are no strangers to Newcastle. Despite living in New Zealand, the band have passed through the city many times in their five year history.

Originally hooking up with Bare Grillz, the band also headlined the first Wicking Out! Festival, and supported US Punk heavyweights Joyce Manor.

“The first time we came [to Australia], we only really knew Bare Grills, so we spent almost a week here on our first visit” explains Nicole (Singer/Guitarist). “We were just mucking around, going to the Bogey Hole and things like that.”

The band are stopping in at The Hamilton Station Hotel on Wednesday, March 21st as part of their current single tour. Joining them on the show are local acts Safe Hands and Shysters.

Their current Australian Tour, which kicked of on March 14th in Adelaide – marks the 10th lap around the country for the international two-piece. An accomplishment that would be considered impressive for an Australian band, let alone one from across the gap.

James, the band’s drummer, said the decision to tour Australia came after the sucess of the first tour. “I realised we can sort of just treat it like a local tour. It doesn’t have to be this big trip and stressful thing” James explained.

“The shows pay pretty well, so it’s not hard financially, and also there’s just such a good scene for Emo and Emo adjacent music in Australia.”

It doesn’t just stop at Australia; Carb On Carb have also toured in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and America – where the band have played the infamous Fest, twice.

Of course, between all of this, there are still tours in New Zealand too, although the difference in population makes thigns a little more compulcated. “The biggest cities are worth it, but you go to any other small town and it’s quite hard” Nicole explains.

“It used to be the vibe in a lot in New Zealand, doing lots of house shows, it’s very DIY stuff. But it gets really hard because rent is going up, and we have a really big issues with noise control”

The band are currently in the country celebrating the release of their new single ‘It’s Been A Rough Year’, it’s the first song to be released from their upcoming album, which will be released in May.

The band recorded it in Sydney, while on tour in the country last year. “Last time we did it, we did it with a friend we had known for a while who lived in Wellington, which was really chill and really cheap” says Nicole.

“This time around we just approached it a little more seriously, and thought about it a little more in a holistic album sort of way.”

James adds “I think we spent a lot more time preparing, and thinking about it, and refining it”.


Written by Spencer Scott

Spencer is a singer/songwriter from Newcastle. He's also a Triple J Unearthed Super User and writes for many national publications.

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