Can we kill the idea that the Newcastle music scene is dead, please?

This one goes out to anyone who says that Newcastle music ain’t what it used to be.

In fact, mea culpa, they’re probably right.

The Newcastle music scene in 2019 is as healthy (probably healthier), more prolific and eclectic (perhaps even more so), and exciting (well, I’m still excited), as it’s ever been.

If you want to skip the screed that is to come, scroll down and check out the playlist we recently compiled for your listening pleasure – The Best Of Newy 2019.

Without even scratching the surface, resorting to Google and Triple J Unearthed searches, we have compiled more than two hours of music, one artist a piece – all produced by Newcastle acts this year.

Honestly just a cursory listen to this playlist and the LOCAL talent contained therein make any ‘the local scene is dead’ arguments completely moot.

The Newy scene is dead? Well, we blow a heartfelt raspberry in the general direction of that cynical statement.

The musical talent in this town is WORLD CLASS and even better, there’s plenty of it. Oodles in fact!

Even better than that pretty much every artist found on the aforementioned playlist gigs pretty regularly around the traps so maybe put that Acca Dacca record back in its sleeve for a night and venture out to one of the many local venues that support this kind of carry on.

You never know, you may even find your new favourite band!

And when it comes to the venues sure, they might be facing uphill battles with the fun-police powers that be and the Normans of this world who will write a letter to Tim Crackanthorp if anyone so much as farts near their pre-fab box of inner-city living.

Honestly, it’s as though they are the city’s self-appointed (stereotypical) librarians and schoolmarms, issuing harsh ‘shooshes’ if they even suspect a guitarist of nudging the volume up a notch on his Fender Twin in the pub within earshot.

Anyway, that’s a rant for another time.

But, when it comes to the venues, there is still a solid core that supports not only live music, but LOCAL original live music.

Absolute Godsends like The Cambridge, The Stag, The Newy Hotel, and Small Ballroom/48 Watt, the good ol’ Ent Cent, and NEX that play an enormous part in ensuring that our town is still a viable stop on the East Coast touring circuit – something that has helped to inform the culture of this town for decades.

Venues like the iconic Lass O’Gowrie and Hamilton Station Hotel, the Wicko and more recently Badgers Lair at Newcastle Leagues Club, who continue to support local bands and nurture local talent with an unflappable passion.

Honestly, just go and have a look at the Hamo’s Facebook page, for example, and check out how many gigs they have in a week, and how many local bands they are giving a go.

And let’s not forget the plethora of venues, throughout the Newcastle LGA and beyond, that provide a livelihood to scores of local musos sweating it out in cover bands.

We doff our cap to you all.

In my time as a music/entertainment scribe, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing countless musos – local, national, international.

I’ve also heard equally countless wax lyrical about their fondness for playing in Newcastle – the fans, the venues, the culture. and how the fertile Newcastle scene helped them cut their musical teeth, so to speak.

Surely this is something worth preserving, right?

This is definitely a case of “use it or lose it”, people. if we don’t support local, live original music, who will?

Imagine how beige the world will be when they pave your musical paradise and put up a parking lot.