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BYKKO BIKE SHARE: All your questions answered

The Newcastle Live Facebook page has been swamped with questions about Newcastle’s Electric Bike Share, BYKKO.

In this post, we’ll be answering all those questions and giving you some more information about how you can use this new tech to help you rediscover your city.

tl;dr – The BYKKO Electric Bikes are fun. Sure they’re a great way to get to your next business meeting in the CDB, but ultimately for us, it comes down to entertainment and these bikes are so much fun!

QUESTION: What’s BYKKO and how does it work

BYKKO is a Newcastle-headquartered company who offer a European-systems approach to electric bike fleet management.

Before you can use the Service, you must create a member account through their website and purchase a membership for the Service. The Pay as You Go is free to join, however, you are still required to create an account. You must have a valid credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard) or a PayPal account to purchase a membership and create an account.

QUESTION: What are the bikes like?

Simple answer… They’re so much fun! To make your bike work you just turn it on and pedal! Your pedalling activates a sensor which turns the motor on. #PROTIP – There are three power levels that you can select from the small device on the bike’s handlebars. For your very first time, select the lowest power level (from three levels) so you can get used to what it feels like.

QUESTION: How old do you have to be to ride? 

Access to the Service is open to anyone aged 18 years and over. Persons aged between 15-18 years can access the Service as (“Permitted Minors”), provided that the Service is subscribed for by or under the responsibility of their Legal Guardian. Access is denied to any person aged less than 15 years.

QUESTION: Do you have to peddle?

Yes. The BYKKO bikes can be powered both by human power and electrical power. The technology is called “pedal assist” or “Pedelec”. The bike’s electric motor only operates while you are pedalling. So, yes, you do have to pedal, however, you can choose how hard or how easy you want your ride to be.

QUESTION: How long does the battery last? 

The battery range is up to 70 km depending on the level of usage. The battery is recharged every time the bike is docked back at the docking station. However, if the battery goes flat, you can still use the bike as a normal push bike.

QUESTION: What about helmets?

They will also have a stock of helmets placed with participating local businesses. You will find a list on the Bykko website soon.

QUESTION: How much do they cost?

There are four levels of pricing…

Pay as you go: $5.99 for a 30-minute ride

Weekly: $22.00 for a week of unlimited 30-minute rides

Monthly: 49.00 for a month of unlimited 30-minute rides

Concession: 24.50 for a month of unlimited 30-minute rides

This is just a simple breakdown on BYKKO pricing. All the details on pricing can be found on the BYKKO website.

QUESTION: Will this lead to bikes being left around the city?

The simple answer is, no. These bikes must be returned to a BYKKO station.  If there are no available bike docks at your chosen station, you have to return the bike to the nearest station that does have available spots. In this instance, you have 10 minutes to return your bike. We advise that, in order to avoid any unforeseen costs, you check dock availability and choose a station before your hire time is up, and leave yourself enough time to reach it.

QUESTION: Where can you get them from?

Lots of places around Newcastle! Check out the map above to see each station in relation to your location. If all bikes at your nearest station are unavailable, you may wish to consider hiring from a different station. You can use BYKKO real-time map found on the homepage to identify other nearby stations and check bike availability.

QUESTION: What happens if my BYKKO bike is stolen?

If you leave the bicycle unattended at any time for any reason, you are responsible for securing the bicycle using the Lock and Key provided by BYKKO to protect against theft of the bicycle. You are also responsible for the ebike throughout your hire, whether you are riding it or leaving it stationary. Lock your bike to a fixed and strong object, in a visible spot. Plug-in the cable into the lock on the left-hand side of the bracket.

Every You should immediately report any lost or stolen bicycle to the local Police Station or phone the Police Assistance Line on 131 444. If you promptly report a lost or stolen bicycle to BYKKO, file a police report with respect to such loss or theft, and forward BYKKO a copy of such police report within five business days of filing such police report, then BYKKO may, in our sole discretion, waive our right to charge you fees for a lost or stolen Bicycle.

For all the latest news about BYKKO in Newcastle you should follow the BYKKO Facebook page.

Written by Newcastle Live

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