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Buy/Shop/Eat Newy

As Laura’s post earlier this week noted, local businesses in Newy are doing it tough. Road closures, diversions, roadworks and a series of other clusterworks have seen trade dwindle as people write off visiting the city as just-too-hard.

Let’s turn that around shall we? Let’s make a commitment to #DoItForNewcastle and to Buy/Eat/Shop Newy.

Here’s how.

Plan ahead

The easiest way to get into and around the city at the moment is on a bicycle. If you, like me, are lucky enough to live close enough to the city to cycle in just do it. Council are making more-and-more cycle-safe shared paths en-route to the city. Here’s a good guide to getting into the city on your bike.

If you’re going to drive in, take note of road closures and plan where you’re going to park. Unlike ye olden days in Newy, chances are you can’t just rock up and get a park directly outside your chosen location – but you’ll be able to find something nearby. Parking’s not the problem in the city – navigating the streets is!

Public transport is your other option. Things have changed so I’d recommend you download an app that’ll help you keep track in real time. Try TripGo, TripView and Trip Tastic (one of my friends who is the public transport bomb tech in this city swears by a combination of all three).

Shop local

Need to buy a pressie? A new houseplant? An outfit? Some fruit and veg? Flowers? No matter what you need to buy you’ll most likely find it in the city. There are so many passionate owners in the city who lovingly stock their stores with beautifully made goods. Loads are actually hand-made locally, or at least in Australia (no sweatshops!).

Whether it’s in The Mall, Darby Street, Hunter or King Street or Newcastle West – you’ll find friendly peeps who are just trying to make a living selling something awesome. Let’s help ’em shall we?

Eat local

I am the World’s Laziest Person when it comes to travelling far from home, but my suburb isn’t impacted by roadworks – so I’m trying to travel into the city when it comes to eating out and grabbing a coffee/drink with a friend. The best part of this is that I get to try out a whole new range of options along the way.

Side note: I have yet to have a bad coffee in this city.

Are you ready to take the Buy/Eat/Shop Newy pledge? Do it, and share it with your friends.