Butterfingers bring the love and new tunes back to Newcastle

There’s definitely no shortage of love in this town for Butterfingers.

The last time the famed Brisbane-bred hip-hoppers hit town, for their 15 Years Of Fatboys national tour, Newcastle punters really turned it on.

“We had a massive show in Newcastle,” frontman Evil Eddie told Newcastle Live.

“In fact, it was probably in my top three shows on the tour. Normally I wait towards the end of a tour before I start jumping out into the crowd and being stupid, but the crowd was that lit in Newcastle, I just couldn’t help myself.”

While that gig only went down back in March, the boys are heading back to our neck of the woods, this time to blow the doors off the Newcastle Hotel.

While their last visit saw Butterfingers purely in revisionist territory celebrating their breakthrough debut album Breakfast At Fatboys, the four-piece will give punters a sneak preview of some new sounds.

“We are looking at playing between five and seven tracks off the new album mixed in with all of the old stuff, so it will be interesting to see how it all goes off live,” Eddie said.

He added that the upcoming third album – Butterfingers’ first since 2006’s The Deeper You Dig – would further combine their love of riffs and rap into a more cohesive whole.

“We’ve definitely pushed ourselves in both directions for this album,” Eddie said.

“I mean, we’ve always played the rock stuff but it was always kept pretty separate to everything else we were doing. I don’t want to say it’s a rap-rock album because I hate rap-rock, but there are some pretty big riffs in there.

“Also, we’ve really pushed ourselves lyrically for this one – you kind of have to when you look at the amount of talent we have in this country now. It’s crazy. Also, the album is a story from start to finish – every song is like a scene from a movie.”

So, if Hollywood were to come knocking, especially in this day and age of music bio-pics, who would play Evil Eddie in the big-screen version of Butterfingers?

“I’d probably just play myself,” he laughed. “I’m not a great actor but they’ve got the technology now to make me look both young and old. Just look at that FaceApp thing!”

Catch Butterfingers when they play the Newcastle Hotel on Saturday 17 August. get your tickets here.

Written by Newcastle Live

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