BOREDOM BUSTERS: Tips for having fun at home for Live Junior readers

As many of us are well aware, COVID-19 is forcing us to stay at home for the next little while, and I am starting to get really bored.

Make sure you eat well, stay hydrated and stay healthy.

Enjoy these useful tips for having fun at home during this time:

  1. The most helpful thing that I have found throughout all of this was to keep a tidy workspace and bedroom, the more clutter your room is, the more cluttered your head is.
  2. Play some board games
  3. Play Quarantine Bingo with your family (you can access many of these via the internet
  4. Do some baking with your family
  5. A big struggle for me, has been going from a constantly busy schedule to having everything postponed, so I’ve been going online, and finding soccer tutorials, singing classes, and have even taken up the guitar via those videos.
  6. Like I said above, I have learned how to play the guitar since being in isolation, so why don’t you choose a new hobby to take up? Try singing, dancing or a new sport.
  7. Do some jobs for your parents to help around the house.
  8. Watch some movies
  9. Do some redecorating of your room
  10. Just get outside in your backyard, to run around, kick a ball, or just enjoy the fresh air.

Make sure to stay happy and healthy during these times, and enjoy some of those activities.

Written by Mia Kearney