Bob Dylan & Cher to play Entertainment Centre Or Giant Tin Shed?

Today, a local Newspaper published an opinion piece that reminded us of a post we ran last year that simply asked the question – Entertainment Centre Or Giant Tin Shed?

At the time we published that post a number of world-class acts had played or had announced shows at our local entertainment centre. The post joined the chorus of local concert goers in hope that the venue, originally designed for sporting events, would join the list of local institutions getting (re)developed.

We’re now in the first half of 2018 and Bob Dylan and Cher have both announced gigs at the Ent Cent. So we think the question still remains.

“The city is in the midst of a mass period of change. This happens slowly, yet surely, every 10 years or so and usually all in one hit. You only need to take a teeny tiny look at Hunter Street and you’ll see what I mean. The change will, hopefully, all be for the better in the end and bring new life to the city. And it’s not just the streets that are changing either, a lot of the infrastructure is getting a mass makeover, (the library looks great by the way you should go and take a look). A friend of mine pointed out to me though, that one venue, in particular, has remained relatively unchanged for many a while. The giant tin shed that is the Newcastle Entertainment Centre” Laura Kebby wrote for Newcastle Live back in November 2017.

“Sure don’t get me wrong, we are lucky to have a venue of that size available to us, and many a great act have walked through the hallowed doors, but maybe it’s time for an upgrade? I know live music can be a little low on the agenda for Newcastle officials (maybe it’s time someone officially called the powers that be out on that front?) but maybe it wouldn’t if we spent more time focusing on the venues hosting these really great acts” she continued.

And we think she’s right. So maybe after all the work in the CBD is completed we could move our gaze towards the giant tin shed…

Watch this space…

Written by Newcastle Live

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