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BJÖRN AGAIN: The world’s best ABBA show is coming back to Newcastle

Björn Again, the number one ABBA show in the world, is coming back to Newcastle as part of their 2023 Thank ABBA For The Music Tour.

The show, which has made its way around the world and back again, promises to whisk local ABBA fans away on a mesmerizing musical voyage, delivering timeless hits that keep finding new audiences generation after generation.

From the infectious rhythm of Knowing Me, Knowing You to the nostalgia of Fernando, fans can expect an evening brimming with sing-along classics that have endured the test of time.

Björn Again boasts an astounding track record, having performed in excess of 7000 shows across more than 120 countries worldwide.

What sets them apart is not just their remarkable musical prowess, but also their unique status as the only ABBA tribute show officially endorsed by the original ABBA members themselves.

This tour will see Björn Again perform an ABBA-SOLUTLY spectacular celebration of ABBA’s legacy, inviting fans to relive the magic and timeless appeal of the Swedish sensation with a night of dance, music, and pure fun.

Björn Again will bring their Thank ABBA For The Music Tour to Newcastle on Saturday 2 September 2023. For tickets and more information about the show visit