BIGSOUND 2018 (DAY 2): Adrian Eagle, RAAVE TAPES, Kaiit and Mr Paul Kelly

It’s day two from Bigsound, Brisbane’s annual music conference.

Ok, ok it’s a day late – But seriously how anyone gets more than 10 hours total sleep during Bigsound week is beyond me. From 9 in the morning until 2 the next morning there’s something to do, see, listen to or people to meet and drinks to be had.

Here’s the music that matters to us on day 2 of Bigsound.

Pink Matter
The Brightside

Our night got off to a funky start with Pink Matter at the Brightside. The band run through their set with huge smiles on their faces. It’s indicative of the good vibes this band pump out and it’s affecting everyone in the room tonight.

Eliza And There Delusionals
The Valley Drive Inn

Dooods. I’m finding it hard to put into words how the Eliza And The Delusionals set affected was on the packed crowd at The Valley Drive Inn. This band rocks and it moves people. Even the uptight lanyard crew are shuffling their feet.

Between You and Me

Haven’t seen a big arse punk rock band this entertaining in a long time. Hook after hook, three vocalists, riffs and attitude for days. In this genre, It doesn’t get much better than this.

Dean Forever
The Elephant

Dean Forever where my number one pick to see pre-festival. I’m not sure what happened tonight, not even their hook driven “Ease The Nothing” really cut through. It must be disheartening for a band to play a showcase where the crowd slowly diminishes as the set goes on. I really hope Dean Forever can sort out their live show because I really love the sounds they’re creating in the studio.


When a Newcastle band is obviously winning the Bigsound heart it’s hard not to be buzzing for them. The Crowbar is absolutely at capacity for their set and it becomes obvious why from the band’s opening number. Tonight’s set features a couple of new tunes, but our highlights are Corridor and K Bye. Not even a small glitch with Joab’s effects pedal monster can dampen the 20 minutes Newy’s Raave Babies hugged Bigsound.

Talking to the band the next day, they say it’s probably the best set they’ve ever played. And if you’re gonna choose a time to be “on” this is the moment.

Pretty sure manager Ben Cooper has had some extremely interesting meetings over the last 24 hours. We couldn’t be happier for them.

Adrian Eagle
The Brightside

Adrian Eagle’s set at The Brightside was like going to church… in an old church. And I’m not talking about religion here, I’m talking about great vibes, togetherness and a feeling of positivity.

Adian’s voice is really hard to describe in words – You have to pinch yourself because it’s hard to believe. It’s gonna be a huge 12 months for Adrian who’s EP drops any time soon.

The Brightside

Pretty sure they couldn’t fit another body into the Brightside if they tried. Luckily, we got in early and grabbed a spot right down the front to witness Kaiit command the stage like a total boss. Song after song, vocal hook after vocal hook and backed by an incredible band of highly skilled and dynamic players. Watch this space, because Kaiit is gonna fill it.

Paul Kelly
The Zoo

Picture this. Iconic Brisbane venue The Zoo, about 450 people, and Mr Paul Kelly and his touring band featuring Vika and Linda Bull and nephew Dan Kelly. It was as magical as it sounds and you can totally be jealous.

Kicking off the set with a few songs from his forthcoming album, Nature, Paul is immediately in control and has the industry-heavy crowd in the palm of his hand – Which is hard to do with people who never seem to shut the fuck up when a showcasing band are onstage (don’t get me started).

Highlights are the opener Little Wolf (“We’ve never played that before in front of people” Paul says) which you’ll be hearing on the new album, classic tune Deeper Water and Vika Bulls vocal powerhouse in My Man’s Got a Cold.

Gigs like this are honestly a once in a lifetime type of affair. Thanks, Paul.

Written by Newcastle Live

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