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LOCKDOWN BIBIMBAP: Ogane is now delivering Korean food to your door

If you live in Newcastle, you can now have a bowl of mouth-watering bibimbap delivered directly to your door thanks to Darby street’s newest restaurant, Ogane.

The city’s newest Korean restaurant is delivering its tasty Korean food to hungry Novocastrians via Uber eats – And we’re all about it.

Beyond the bibimbap, Ogane’s delivery menu is stacked full of delicious dishes like Kimchi and seafood pancakes, fried dumplings, spicy rice cake and Korean fried chicken.

What is Bibimbap?

Bibimbap is a traditional Korean food. It’s kind of like a Koren version of a donburi (Japanese rice bowl).

It’s a bowl of rice topped with vegetables, meat, an egg, and for the heat lovers, a good dollop of chilli pepper paste. Andvegetarians take now – It’s also available in a vego option too.

Our #protip is to wash it down with a cold glass on Sikhye, a Traditional sweet Korean rice drink, which you can order via their Uber Eats menu too.

What else looks good?

If you love yourself some noodles and you’ve never tried Japchae you’re in luck because Ogane is doing this Korean glass noodle stir fry as part of their delivery offering too.

The other item on the menu we think is worthy of an addition to your order is one of the Kimchi or seafood pancakes.

But whatever your choose, it’s likely to help lift your current lockdown blues.

Did someone say Korean fried chicken?

Ogane is also taking Korean fried chicken to the next level.

On the menu, you’ll find the original with all its crunchy goodness, but you may also be tempted to try the soy garlic and sweet, sour and spicy versions too.


Ogane Korean Resturant

ADDRESS: 113 Darby street, 6, Cooks hill