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BEST INTENTIONS: Top five New Year’s resolutions you’re bound to break…if you haven’t already

Everyone starts off the New Year the same.

Everywhere you look the phrase “new year new you” is screaming at you and you just have no idea what the flip to do about it.

So obviously, you panic and make up resolutions that you’ll never (ever) be able to keep. So in that spirit, here are our top five resolutions that are bound to be broken,

1. Giving up the booze

“I’m definitely giving up alcohol,” you say to yourself on January 1 as you wake up hungover.

It’s all well and good to promise yourself this but… dude, it’s still summer and we are all technically still, kinda in holiday mode. Someone is bound to say “Sunday sessions” and you’ll be there, barefoot and bowling like it ain’t no thang. 

2. “I’m going to go to the gym every day”

No, you’re not.

You’re going to get talked into a hectic gym membership and go twice before you have major regret and stop going altogether.

You’ll also be too embarrassed to cancel. Why not try a class or two first before you dive straight in. Pace yourself.

3. “I’m giving up coffee”

Lol. Bless your cotton socks for trying.

4 “I’m cutting out junk food”

There’s still so much time left to enjoy the fruits of life! and all of those glorious Chrissy leftovers.

That includes cheese plates and chocolate-covered things., and all of the things that you love the most.

You can’t start shit like that in January. Why not just decide to eat more consciously, or plan one meal a week. Start small!

5 Read more books

This is a great resolution and one that you should definitely not break! But don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t limit yourself to just physical books!

Audio books work a treat and can be ‘read;’ on the go. You’ll smash your 50 book goal in no time!

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