Backing The Knights When They Need Us Most

I read the results of a survey over the weekend and like most survey results I have no idea where they came from, or if they actually provide a legitimate source of knowledge or definitive answer to the question posed. Usually I just make like Modest Mouse and ‘Float On’ past these surveys and wait for something tangible to surface. But a particular set of results caught my eye. And yes, in the spirit of creative integrity these figures were taken from the results of an online poll in the Newcastle Herald.

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Some may say that Novocastrians are masochistic and seemingly intent on remaining loyal and bleeding the red and blue until they die no matter what. But what about the other side of the argument? The one where we focus on hope and belief and actually backing the sporting greats (or what’s left of them) as they head into the 2018 season. The whole point of supporting a team is that you’re there through thick and thin. Sure, the Knights may have sat on the bottom of the ladder for the last two consecutive seasons, but in order to be there and relish in the celebrations when things start to turn around, it’s important to realise when our team needs us most.

The Knights as both a team and as an organisation, are of course going through a dramatic period of change at the moment.  For example the Wests Group have recently taken over ownership, something that will hopefully surface as the shining light for both the club and the community. This could be described as a highly contentious topic at best but in all honesty, when discussing the Knights, surely the only way is (back) up.

It’s all well and good for us to sit back and talk about the glory days of 97, and the fightback of 01, but surely celebrating the 20 year anniversary of that first fateful premiership was enough of a wakeup call to see that it’s been a long time between drinks.  Which is exactly why the results of this poll make me so darn happy. This is the type of spirit we need to actually get the Knights over the line next year. Ok maybe not over the line but aiming for the top 8 is surely more than achievable.

Despite the defeat and poor results of the last two years, this kind of fighting spirit and fierce loyalty is what it means to be a Novocastrian. Get on board, support your team, and lets ditch that wooden spoon once and for all.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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