BACK TO LIVE: The Australian music industry on the road again

The Covid shut down of the national touring industry and its road to recovery is the focus of a new short documentary called Back To Live.

In the last two years, Australia and New Zealand were lucky to have some domestic touring, but overall the industry has suffered major disruptions due to lockdowns, border closures and density restrictions.

The documentary, commissioned by Ticketmaster, features a vast array of Australian artists and performers including Missy Higgins, John Butler and Tim Rogers alongside industry figures like Larry Ponting, Roger Field, and Rob D’Orazio.

It gives a behind the scenes look from the perspective of promoters, artists, production crew, ticketing agents, and all those involved in getting shows back on the road across the country amidst lockdowns and imposed restrictions on mass gatherings.

The interviewees reflect on the sacrifices and challenges of the return to touring, the importance of community and coming together, and look to the future of our touring industry.

Managing director of Ticketmaster Australia, Gavin Taylor said the documentary aims to shine the light on those people who work behind the scenes and the magic live entertainment.

“We continue to see huge pent-up demand from fans, and with artists keen to get back on the road, we know live music will see a boom like never before – we just need to work with government on a solid roadmap for the path back to live,” said Gavin.

There was also a second film commissioned, called Radical Hope which follows promoter John Zaccaria as he staged the first national tours in early 2021, SummerSalt and ByTheC, following the nationwide lockdown.