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Babyboomers need only apply

It’s the flipping principle of the damn shebang. THE PRINCIPLE DAMMIIT.

This week I came across a sign that made my soul cry. It also made my heart mad and my eyes a little watery. I’m also fully aware that this article will generate a bit of controversy and to that I say bring it.

A clothing store in the mall posted a job ad in their window which said; ‘Casual Position Available Newcastle Baby Boomer Preferred’. I kind of wanted to apply for the job just to see how I would be received. I am assuming that I would probably be received at that job the way I am received at most of my jobs that I’ve applied for in that I would be told

I get it, the mall isn’t that hip hop and happening a place but surely it’s not completely dead yet right? It isn’t at the end of its road or setting up for a long quiet slow retirement in a negatively geared property that they purchased 65 years ago for a threepence or something.

Do you actually know how hard it is for millennials to find a job? Do you know why it’s so hard for millennials to find a job? Because baby boomers just won’t leave their jobs. They won’t leave. They won’t move on.

Every single job needs years of experience, (most of which we acquire unpaid), or a specific set of skills which is nowadays impossible to obtain unless we ‘work’ in an unpaid position and then stick around and stick around until we are eventually offered a non-permanent, casual, contractual, throw a dawg a bone kind of position that we have to smile, say thank you and kiss the ground our new baby boomer boss walks on because that’s what we are meant to do.

I get it, this is a retail job, and probably the target market is baby boomers with cash to splash but… it’s the flipping principle of the damn shebang. THE PRINCIPLE DAMMIIT.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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