Why Autumn In Newcastle is the Best

98% of Novocastrians I know, are so adamant that Newcastle is a city made for summer (and nothing else). The majority of my friends think that once March rolls around it’s all over. Like it’s just time to pick a new series or ten to binge on Netflix and pray for the quick arrival of September. But nah, no way man, autumn is the best season in Newcastle and here are our top five reasons why.

The beaches are quieter and the water is ‘warmer’

Tourist season is kind of done and dusted by this point in the year, with the exception of a tiny influx of Easter school holiday crowds, but in general, the beaches are much quieter. You can always find a park, all the good spots on the sand aren’t taken up by people with 17 umbrellas and a shade tent (just) for a family of 4, and the lines at the kiosk are no where near as long. But, the weather is still warm and blissful (it’s just not 48 degrees by 11am). Also, or so my Dad tells me, because the air outside is colder, the water is warmer. I know, sounds fake but it’s all a mental game after all right?

Soup season is in full flight

If your favourite local cafe doesn’t have a soup special are they even your favourite local cafe? Soup season is the best, and it’s my favourite way to get all of the good stuff into my body in one gulp. Literally. It’s also the best way to taste all of the amazing fresh autumn produce floating about at the moment. Eating soup is like being hugged from the inside out.

Cold brew never sells out

The worst part about summer for me is always rocking up too late to my local cafe, and settling for an iced long black instead of a cup of delicious cold brew. As the weather cools down, only the hard core cold coffee lovers are still on the cold brew train. Personally I love hearing the sound of clinking ice as it’s blowing a gale around me.

It’s a time for locals to recalibrate

Like I said, it’s kind of quiet on the tourist front usually, so it’s a really nice time for locals to recalibrate a little bit. Go to the places you couldn’t get a park at during peak season. Take some time out of your day to sit a little longer at that cafe, wander around that store that was usually packed full of every person and their puppy. Take some time for you. You deserve it.

It gives us an excuse to move indoors, to local businesses, the art gallery, and all of the other places we felt guilty for going to when the sun was out.

I always feel guilty about staying inside when it’s such a nice day outside. That and my house has no air conditioning so I usually just sit in the water until it’s ok to go to the pub (that’s air conditioned). But autumn is a great time for getting out and about on foot and exploring the places we may have been neglecting. Instead of going to the big shopping centre for that birthday present, why not head to Darby Street? Haven’t been to the art gallery in a while? Now is the time friend!

Written by Newcastle Live

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