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ATMOS: The taste of the Greek islands in Shoal Bay

Overlooking one of the most beautiful bays in the world, you’ll find the elegant, yet simple, Greek-inspired restaurant, ATMOS at Shoal Bay Country Club

We started our night at ATMOS with a refreshing Aegean a summer cocktail with Finlandia vodka, elderflower, cucumber, lemon, and a dash of agave. 

It was hard to stay away from the cocktail list actually. Throughout our dining experience, we worked our way through a few of them which is why you should totally, book a room, because it was well worth it! 

Standouts from the cocktail menu would have had to be Megisti, a greek twist on the Mojito, and the Adonis, which could best be described as “Beyonce in a glass”.

The food menu should really come with a warning because you are going to have a tough time choosing. 

The team behind ATMOS describes their food as “Best shared with family and friends” and we would have to agree. 

Large share plates in a group would give you the opportunity to sample everything from the Whole Snapper to the Slow Cooked Whole Lamb Shoulder. But don’t worry, if you are looking for a great place to dine for two, ATMOS offers two set menu options giving you the chance to have a curated dining experience so you don’t miss out!

We landed on the MYKONOS set menu which included four courses. Two courses of Mezedes (Greek for appetisers), a course of larger plates, and a decadent dessert course. 

The Grilled Pita, olive oil, and selection of dips were amazing, but the standout of the first four courses was the Saganaki… Because, Cheese!

Saganaki is a fried cheese dish with honey walnuts, which was presented impeccably and the combination of sweet and savoury kept us coming back for more… and more.  This dish is a necessity for every trip to ATMOS.

For our main course, we were treated to the Seafood Kritharaki & Slow-cooked Lamb Shoulder with sides of Greek Salad and Chips with Feta. 

The slow-cooked lamb shoulder was the absolute hero of this course, served with baked onion, herb salsa and Tzatziki.  The lamb meat slid off the bone and just melted in the mouth.

Then it was time to treat our sweet tooths. 

We were beaming with excitement to try the Baklava, along with the selections of Ice cream & Sorbet. It was fun to not only taste and enjoy each flavour but go back and forth trying to figure out what they were. Eventually, our lovely waiter put us out of our misery and let us know the selection we received was Pineapple, Mint, and Turkish delight.

ATMOS just like the name implies creates a relaxed, simple, authentic atmosphere that is perfect for the family get-together or the dinner date for two.  The whole experience will leave you with a full belly and a heart full of memories you won’t easily forget. 

If you would like to know more about ATMOS including making a reservation head to their website.