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Why do Pharmacists wear white coats?

Your friendly neighbourhood Piggott’s Pharmacy has been doling out sage health advice to the people of the Hunter with locations at Blackbutt, Branxton, Hamilton, Lambton and Merewether. There’s no wellbeing question too tricky for the friendly staff at Piggott’s Pharmacy.

Pharmacist extraordinaire Anthony Piggott is here to put your mind at ease when it comes to answering your questions

Gasping in Georgetown

I spend a lot of time in crowded spaces. Should I wear a face mask to prevent colds?

It is very popular in Asia. I was in Japan earlier this year and everyone was wearing face masks. It would be a really good idea if everyone did that here in Australia as well. Culturally it is a bit of a shock for us. A mask is a great preventative, and use all the general hygiene tips like vaccinations, regular hand washing, use of hand-sanitisers, a good diet and regular nightly sleep patterns.

Wheezy in West Wallsend

How can I prevent an asthma attack?

It would be lovely if we could avoid having Asthma and getting Asthma attacks. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. But do what you can to avoid what your triggers are for asthma. If this happens to be avoid going into hot and cold areas, if it’s certain seasons, certain foods … try and avoid them or prepare for them as best as you can. That may be by way of medication, make sure your asthma plan is up to date. The best person to discuss this with is your Doctor and your local Pharmacist is always there for your support as well.

Curious in Carrington

Why do Pharmacists wear white coats?

Pharmacists are not required to wear white coats. I think it is tradition, Pharmacists have worn white coats for many generations. Therefore, our customers and the general public identify a Pharmacist with this form of dress and in turn this helps with our image. Upon entering the Pharmacy, the customers can easily recognise who is the Pharmacist feel comfortable talking to that person. We do not have to wear white coats, but I like it, do you?

Security Conscious in Shortland

Are my records and prescriptions confidential?

The answer is yes. It is actually one of the most important parts of our profession. The role for myself and my staff is to ensure customers records are all kept private and confidential as possible. There are new ideas, you have probably heard of the My Health Records which the government has started a sharing platform where your records are kept centrally. Behind that it is very private and secure, the only people who can access this information are people whom the customer gives permission to. Please be rest assured that your information is private and confidential. Even between my Pharmacies themselves, your records can not be shared.

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