Grace Turner is sure to be a highlight of the upcoming Sound Station Music and Arts Festival
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ALL ABOARD: Top five reasons to check out Sound Station music fest

With some of the hottest acts Newy has ever produced slated to strut their stuff, the inaugural Sound Station Music and Arts Festival promises to be a stellar showcase of local talent.

There’s no doubt that we love a music fest here at Newcastle Live and if you’re like us, just the mention of a local music fest will have you clearing your calendar in anticipation.

If however, you need a little more convincing, here are our top five reasons to check out Sound Station Music and Arts Festival at the Old Newcastle Station on Saturday 4 April.

1. The Line-Up

Obviously, the main attraction at any music fest and this one is the freaking goods! The Gooch Palms, Grace Turner, Eat Your Heart Out, Glovers Lane, Kookshill and Boycott to name a few.

You’ll notice that Screaming Jets are not playing, and thank gawd for that as Newcastle has quite a lot of current acts and artists to offer the community. 

2. It’s freaking free

Yah. You heard me, it’s fo’ free. 

3. It’s what the people want – aka you asked for this

The Live Music Taskforce was put together for precisely this reason – to give Novocastrians access to live music events and encourage local artists to do their thing.

Is there a better way to do that than with a festival? Nup didn’t think so.

Heck to the yeah!

4. It’s at the Old Newcastle Station

A landmark in its own right, maybe it’s about time you went and had a bit of a gander?

Is there a better time to check it out than when the Goochies are playing? No, there isn’t. 

5. Go for the bands, stay for the snacks

Everyone loves a food truck.

It’s the reason most of us leave the house on a weekend – to go and eat something delicious that was cooked and prepared inside a magical truck. That, and it’s going to be a heck of a lot cooler in April. 

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