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ADVENTURE NEWCASTLE: Skyline Helicopter Tour

Newcastle Live hit the skies again for our Adventure Newcastle series, this time we sent Brittany to enjoy the aerial sights of Newcastle with Skyline Aviation’s scenic Helicopter tour. Here’s what she had to say…


Having flung myself out of a moving plane BY CHOICE just a few weeks ago, it’s no secret that I love anything that involves flying and/or heights.


When I heard about Skyline Aviation’s scenic helicopter tours over Newcastle and Port Stephens, it sounded like the perfect chilled-out follow up to my action-packed Skydiving adventure.


Skyline Aviation’s Newcastle base is located at Williamtown airport (about 30 mins from Newcastle CBD), and they also have a base in Nelson Bay for their scenic flights over Port Stephens.


We took flight on a City to Surf tour, which takes you over lush green country fields that slowly transform into the coal mountains of Koorangang’s industrial hub, then on towards our bustling city and beautiful beaches.


On this tour you get to catch a glimpse of the Hunter Valley in the distance as you cruise across the suburban outskirts of Newcastle into the CBD, then head on to soar above our stunning coastline from Dudley Beach right around to Nobby’s headland.


Skyline’s helicopters have large rounded windows so you can take in a full 180-degree view of the amazing sights. Check out some highlights from the flight in the video below!


If the stars (or the currents and seasons) align, you may even be lucky enough to spot a whale or a pod of dolphins as you cruise overhead.


Or, in light of recent events, you could catch a glimpse of poor old misunderstood Bruce, Newcastle’s resident shark friend of Summer 2015.


Before you head back to the airstrip, you soar over Stockton Beach to view the famous Sygna shipwreck – Flying above the wreck gives you such an awesome vantage point, you really get to see just how massive this ship is!



This stunning scenic helicopter flight is a lot less adrenaline-pumping than my previous Newcastle adventure, which means Skyline Aviation is the ideal alternative for those who want to experience Newcastle from above but may not be crazy enough to jump!


The best part about a Skyline scenic flight is getting the opportunity to just kick back, relax and enjoy cruising 15,000ft above our fine city.


Though 15,000ft may sound quite high, it actually feels a lot closer to the ground than you think. This the beauty of going on a scenic helicopter tour, since you’re flying at a much lower level, you really get an up-close experience.


With a range of tours across Newcastle and Port Stephens, Skyline definitely have something for everyone, including a Hunter Valley Luncheon tour, a romantic sunset flight for loved-up duos, and a Murray’s Brewery ‘Ales With Altitude’ daytrip!


For those who prefer to get a bit more hands-on, Skyline also offer introductory flight lessons – and yes, you actually get to fly the helicopter yourself! Under the highly trained eye of your instructor, of course…


Even if you’ve lived in Newcastle your whole life, you haven’t seen it all until you’ve seen it from above!


Experience Newcastle from a whole new perspective with Skyline’s scenic helicopter tours – Check out their website for more info or bookings:




Duration: Flight tours range from 20 minutes up to 3.5 hour daytrips.

Adventure Level: Easy-going (unless you’re scared of heights, that is.)

Adventure Scale: 8 out of 10 Arnold Schwarzeneggers yelling “GET TO THE CHOPPER!”


Stay tuned for the next Adventure Newcastle feature, our new series where we test-run some of the best activities and experiences on offer in Newcastle and the Hunter.

Written by Brittany Herron


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    • Oh, we’re sure. After jumping out of a plane skydiving at 14,000 ft – and this helicopter tour cruising at just slightly higher than that, we’re no strangers to high altitudes!

      • Might want to check with Skyline Aviation on that. As a previous scenic helicopter pilot myself I would be surprised if you got much higher than 2000ft. Not much to see at 15,000ft and the R44 (most common scenic chopper) is limited to 9000ft AGL.
        As a reference, pretty much all of the footage in the video above is from 500ft.
        Not a big deal but you might scare a few people off if they think they’re going to be up that high for a leisurely scenic flight.

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