A WELCOME RETURN: Gina Jeffreys is in a Beautiful Tangle with first album in 12 years

It ‘s certainly been a long time between drinks, so to speak, four Aussie country icon Gina Jeffreys, with her last album of original material, Walks Of Life dropping in 2007.

Thankfully Gina has broken the long silence with her new album Beautiful Tangle and she’s heading to Belmont 16s next month to give Hunter fans a taste of the new tunes.

However, when Newcastle Live caught up with Gina, we were fearful that she was in danger of suffering a repetitive strain injury, rendering her incapacitated for 4the Newcastle show.

“I’m currently sitting on a floor in a recording studio, signing copies of the album,” Gina explained.

“I’ve done quite a few and my hand is pretty sore, but it’s a good problem to have.”

After her Walks of Life album Gina essentially stepped out of the spotlight in order to raise her son Jacky, who she shares with husband Rod McCormack.

However, despite taking on the stay-at-home mum role, Gina said it feels like she’s never been away – in a creative sense at least.

“I’ve never stopped putting pen to paper, writing is something that I have always done and always will do,” she said.

“I suppose that Beautiful Tangle is a way to catch people up on what’s been going on in my life over the past 12 years.”

However, the business has certainly changed in those years and Gina admitted that coming to grips with that side of the industry was a daunting, yet exciting challenge.

“When I started there was no such thing as social media, for example, which is a massive change, but one that is really interesting to navigate.”

This time around, Gina headed to Nashville to record, with Rod in the producer’s chair – the result an acoustic, raw earthry and honest sound that bristles with musical maturity.

“I’ve written every single song with some great writers – and every song is a page out of my life,” Gina said.

“We all sat in the same room and recorded everything live. I kind of feel as excited as I did when my first album came out over 25 years ago!”

Gina certainly doesn’t shy away from the personal on Beautiful Tangle, particularly the track Milestones which deals with a tragic miscarriage she suffered on her 39th birthday.

She said that performing the song on stage was a cathartic and healing experience for both her and the audience.

“There was a long time that I couldn’t talk about it to anybody,” Gina said.

“But being able to talk about it in such a way was really like free therapy for me and it was also amazing to hear stories of other women who had gone through the same situation.”

For Gina though, the fact that she has been in this business for more than 25 years, is something she finds hard to fathom, but also something she is eternally grateful for.

“It sometimes does feel like 25 years and sometimes it doesn’t,” she laughed.

“I guess now I’m in a position where I can look back at it all and take it all in – something that you can’t really do when you’re in the thick of it.”

Catch Gina Jeffreys at Belmont 16s on Friday 13 September. Get your tickets here.

Written by Newcastle Live

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