A SONN3T DEBUT: From classical ballet to experimental electronic music

With a childhood and adolescence spent studying classical ballet with the Royal Academy of Dance, the world of experimental electronic music seems like a big leap. But for Newcastle based experimental electronic musician, SONN3T it seemed like a natural progression.

“Even though I have an education in classic ballet I didn’t want to peruse a career in dance however, I feel that my formal training in dancing helped me connect with and understand music in a deeper way and develop a broader respect for the performing arts as a whole,” the local performer said.

Originally SONN3T studied piano, but was never comfortable being examined. Later, she picked up the guitar which led to an exploration of original composition and production.

While studying Music Sound Production at TAFE in Newcastle, SONN3T focused her attention on synth design.

“I was so used to playing the guitar I thought that I would never write anything on a keyboard again but I wanted to do something so different to me – I wanted it to sound natural and raw and and experiment with sounds and the best way I thought I could do this would be to invest in synthesizers and learn synth design”. 

SONN3T’s debut album, Volta, released in late March this year, showcases that learning and new found love of synthesizers. The album is layered and, on occasion, compositionally complex. Her understanding of sound design really shines on tracks live Crunch Hard, Hit Man and Temp.

Overall the release fails to highlight a standout vocal hook that would lead to a popular single, but that’s not really the point here. What the album lacks in pop sensibilities it makes up for in exploration and sound treatment. Listeners looking for new sounds and different approaches to composition will find it here and things really start to make sense on a second listen.

In the future SONN3T says she would like to focus on the production of music for other mediums.

“I have aspirations of writing music for film, gaming and other types of media and I’m not sure how I would even begin to break into that world – it just seems so far out of my reach”. she said.

You can check out SONN3T’s debut release by heading to her website