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Your children could be in a new picture book set in Newcastle

Civic Park transforms into a jungle full of wild animals, the Newcastle Art Gallery egg is watched over by a dragon and Town Hall becomes a palace for the king and queen. These scenes are all part of the imaginary world in Chasing the Moon, a new children’s picture book set in Newcastle.

Created by artist Naomi Wild and local author Liesel Rickarby, who worked for ABC Newcastle as a producer, the book is currently being crowdfunded for publication.

Inspired by a family past time of moon-chasing, created by Liesel’s husband and daughter when her little girl couldn’t sleep, the book answers the question – What does Newcastle look like to a child?

As the storybook father and daughter drive around town, following the moon, they see Newcastle transformed by the magic of imagination into a magical place where anything can happen.

Liesel says that she wanted the book to have a sense of place.

“The book is more than just a lovely bedtime story, ” says Liesel.

“It reminds readers of the magic in our everyday surroundings and the special connection we share with our kids when we enter their imaginative play.”

While Chasing the Moon has taken over three years to produce, Liesel and Naomi hope to release it to the world in December this year.

Be in the book!

Crowdfunders who pledge $37 or more will receive a signed copy of the book and have their children’s name and suburb placed into a magical map of Newcastle within the pages so they can really feel part of the adventure.