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A mid-week indulgence at Barcito in Hamilton

Barcito is not just a food experience and the deliciousness of the food does not overshadow the offerings at the bar

Sometimes it’s all in a name… Barcito literally translates to “little bar”, an affectionate Latino term used for a place where locals meet to enjoy fresh food and drinks. This is exactly the vibe this family-owned South American bar and restaurant has created. Also the reason we think it’s Newcastle’s perfect mid-week dinner venue.

Bacito is a welcome splash of life and colour to a sometimes tired Beaumont St. As soon as you enter the bright colours, warm smiles and divine smells leave you instantly at home. Barcito is a surprisingly quick and easy dinner option for locals but more importantly, it’s bloody delicious. Add a jug of sangria to that and you have the perfect cure for the mid-week blues.

The service is fantastic! We were seated quickly, we chose a booth, which we highly recommend because it gives you a little extra table room to fit those extra few dishes that you will definitely want to try. Within minutes of being seated, we had ordered a jug of their sangria and had menus in front of us.

The menus are small which is a comforting reminder that everything is fresh and prepared on site. The menu may not be extensive but there is definitely something for everyone. In true South American style, the menu consists of small plates and pintxos style dishes, which is a great way to sample lots of the dishes in the one sitting. Which is exactly what we did, we ordered a lot.

The lamb meatballs and the beef empanadas are as good as we’ve had anywhere but our #protip is not to overlook the veggo options because they were some of the standouts for us. Make sure you order the provoleta… the grilled provolone cheese with sticky onion jam and toasted sourdough to dip into the gloriously gooey mix… Oh my god! It was a religious experience! But eat it quick, the cheese only stays melty for so long.

The Spinach and ricotta empanadas were fantastic but the chimichurri served with them was AMAZING!!! The Calmares were perfectly cooked and the aioli was delicious. There were no unwanted stringy bits in these calamari strips, just a crispy crumb coating that was encrusting, perfectly tender calamari strips.

The plates came out perfectly staggered, we were never waiting for food. We recommend ordering 2 plates per person (3 if you’re an exceptionally big eater). We ordered 2 per person and were perfectly full. There wasn’t a crumb left behind but we probably couldn’t have eaten more without tipping the scales from enjoyment to regret. Without factoring drinks into the equation this makes Barcito quite an affordable local, at about $35 per head for two plates each.

Barcito is not just a food experience and the deliciousness of the food does not overshadow the offerings at the bar. There are 8 beers on tap offering some fantastic local craft beers and for the true latino experience, there are plenty of imported beers to enjoy. The wine list has a mix of wines from Australia, Argentina & Chile, all chosen to pair well with the food and the cocktail lovers are also well catered for. Later in the week, Latino Fridays offer Latino cocktails for just $15 including; Pisco Sours, Margaritas, Mojitos & Caipirinhas.

Barcitos is open Wednesday to Sunday from 5 pm till late. You can book ahead at Barcito and our prediction is that you will soon need to… This is going to be the hottest little place in town and the perfect place to grab an easy feast on a school night.

Written by Kelly Barlow

Kelly is a long time foodie, she has cooked, written, published and produced all in the name of food. You can find and contact her at @regionalfoodi

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