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A festival of fashion at Groovin The Moo

Goovin The Moo kicked off in Maitland on Saturday, providing a day full of wonderful music, and great fashion. While music festivals are a place to see all of your favourite artists, they also act as an amazing way to express yourself through style and current trends.

Festival fashion can be a mixed bag, much like the individuals attending, making the experience that much more interesting.

On one end of the spectrum you have the people who choose to go casual in order to stay comfortable during the day. Let me tell you, this is the smart option! On the other hand some people go all out…crazy costumes, ginormous boots and glittery hair and make-up. Whether your personal fashion taste is at either end of this spectrum, or somewhere in-between, you are sure to have a great time at Groovin.

FOUND YOU: Jesse Morrison, Madi Rattray and Jessica Taylor rocking a Where’s Wally vibe
TWINNING: Nick Eve and Billy Lawson

The first trend that caught my eye was the amount of friends wearing matching outfits. In a lot of cases they were quite witty and funny, with the aim to make people smile or laugh. A Where’s Wally inspired trio pulled this off wonderfully!

However there were also more subtle nods to this shown in the duo Nick Eve and Billy Lawson as they emit a ‘cool summer races’ vibe with their floral buttons ups and clean white shorts.

Another big trend at Groovin, in regards to female fashion was the “insta baddie” look which basically means, trendy girls who pull off street wear and fashion inspired by celebrities and Instagram.

CHIC: Kiarra Lewis was on point with her festival fashion

I saw so many different takes on this trend and it was really great to see! Kiarra Lewis is shown rocking an animal print unitard/ biker short combo featuring a bumbag, which hits so many of the hot trends in festival fashion right now.

Another great example is shown by Hannah Phillips, Tayla McAvoy and Elise Vella, where these girls are full of confidence! The trends they focus on include neon, street and sport style inspired pieces, platform shoes and sheer dresses.

Traditionally, music festivals overwhelmingly focused on bohemian fashion. Two ladies in particular stood out to me, as they gave that boho and vintage vibe a modern twist!

Felicity Carroll is wearing a stunning sheer lace dress with subtle white undergarments showing through. With the use of a trendy straw hat, black belt and glasses she was able to make this outfit look fresh and modern.

TRIO IN TUNE: Hannah Phillips, Tayla McAvoy and Elise Vella looked the part
BOHO PALS: Lucy Fry and Tara Sutcliffe

Lucy Fry is wearing a beige and white polka dot dress with a baby doll silhouette. Fry mentioned that she was going for a “70’s garden party look with a pop of blue,” and I think she nailed it!

While festival trends are worn by many, some decide to stay close to their everyday style in order to stay comfortable!

A lot of guys are were in slogan t-shits and groovy button ups paired perfectly with a pair of sunnies. On the other hand, a lot of girls could be seen in flares, jump-suits and crop tops with chunky footwear like Doc Martens and Roc Boots being worn by an overwhelming amount of people.

There were so many trends and styles that graced the Maitland Showground on Saturday, it’s impossible to name them all! But it’s truly wonderful to see how music festivals can be used as a creative outlet. Whether you chose to go all out, or you’d rather just keep it comfortable it’s up to you!

One of the great things about festivals is that you have the ability to wear whatever you desire and that was no different at Groovin The Moo!

THAT’S ALL WHITE: Felicity Carroll