6 MONTHS TO BALANCE: Classes keep you motivated

In the last 5 months much of my training has been with my PT and my gym buddy. But over the last few weeks, I have jumped into a few Balance classes, and I’ve found them really motivating.

Here’s a list of some great classes you can take at Balance Collective. 


Zero Gravity Basics Class introduces you to your new dance partner, the use of the aerial hammock. You’ll be familiarised with the principles of using the plumb line as well as hammock tension to increase your kinesthetic awareness, flexibility and overall strength and agility. You’ll be taken through some of the fundamental moves that typically free your body from tension, decompress your entire spine and make you feel fantastic!


Barre Attack is part of the dance classes at Balance Collective. It’s a dynamic fusion of Pilates, Ballet and Fitness. It is an all body workout using the classic Ballet Barre that attacks the dreaded problem areas – legs, butt, thighs and arms.


Xceler8 is a power packed functional training session designed as the ultimate full body workout. With a deep focus on strength conditioning, agility and core based exercises, Xceler8 will take your fitness to the next level and beyond.

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is a dynamic, cardiovascular form of yoga that is done in a headted room witha standing and floor series to the classes. This type of yoga strengthens and stretches the whole body and each class heat is adjusted to suit the level of the class. All are welcome


This class is designed to promote weight loss and obtain overall results. A class that people of all levels of fitness will enjoy, targeting the fat stores of the body with the added benefit of a longer stretching component.


If this has inspired you to start your own journey, you can give our mates at Balance Collective a call on 02 4903 6200 or visit their website