6 MONTHS TO BALANCE: 3 tips for gym noobs

3 tips to get you started on your gym journey

With the help of Balance Collective I’ve been focused on getting my life back into balance for four months now.

Before this challenge I’d only been into a gym a handful of times and I’d never had a person trainer. In my mind, gyms and personal trainers were not for people like me… Fat people. Well, how wrong I was. In reality I have felt nothing but welcomed, encouraged and supported by the staff at Balance.

So, if you’re in the same mindset that I was, here are three tips to help you on your gym journey. 

Get a good gym bag together

I’m gonna get straight to the point…. It sucks when you leave your towel or drink bottle at home. Getting a gym bag with a bit of a mental checklist of its contents together will sort this problem. You don’t wanna be the person that leaves a big bum sweat mark on the seat of the rower and while there are water fountains at the gym, having your own bottle is much better. 

Talk to the staff

Everyone at the gym wants to see you achieve your goals. Saying hello, asking questions and getting to know the staff will be really motivating and rewarding when they all collectively celebrate your achievements with you. 

Don’t judge yourself against others

I have trained next to people of all body types, with all sorts of fitness journeys. The pro athlete who gained weight when they had a double knee reconstruction, the carpenter who works out purely for their mental health and the nurse who is obsessed with achieving the perfect bum. Each of them have their own story, no bigger or smaller than mine, and it’s taught me not to base how I feel about my body against how someone else looks.


If this has inspired you to start your own journey, you can give our mates at Balance Collective a call on 02 4903 6200 or visit their website