5 ways to beat the Newcastle gig Flu

The chances of sharing germs as you dance around with a bunch of strangers at a gig are quite high. That’s why the latest Roy Morgan research showing Newcastle as a flu hot spot, should be a concern for local live music lovers.

The report reveals: “Three New South Wales regions made the list in 2013: Newcastle (31.9%) just pipped South-Western Sydney (31.8%) as Australia’s flu capital, with Western Sydney (28.8%) in at number five. The flu rate in Newcastle had until last year been close to the national norm, averaging 25.8% from 2009 to 2013, but swelled up by almost 20% in 2013”.


So what does that mean for you at the next gig you attend? While it’s not possible to be 100% protected when you mosh around to Ringworm at The Small Ballroom next month, we think it’s time to ‘tool up’ to avoid a week in bed with a truck load of tissues. So we’ve put together a list of things you can do in an effort to keep the Newcastle gig flu at bay.

1 –  Dress up as a spaceman

Rock it just like Newcastle’s intrepid space travellers “Dr Zoom”. You’ll be germ -free and people gig astronauts.

2 – Wear a face mask


If the space suit is too much for you, and you prefer things to be more minimal, you could try out one of these fashionable face masks for similar effect.  You can buy some by following this link –

3 – Go and see undiscovered bands


Newcastle is full of great undiscovered bands, check out the gig guide and head out to see a band you’ve never heard of before. Personal space is at a premium at these gigs.

4 – A full-body onsie


Nothing says, “stay away from me with your germs” like a full-body onesie.

5 – When all else fails, get healthy!

Source:  SusanLesch -
Source: SusanLesch –

There are plenty of gyms around town, lots of people to tell you what to eat and what supplements you might need. So take the challenge and get gig fit.


NOTE: The advice above is of a general nature and should be taken ‘tongue in cheek’. If you experience any flu-like symptoms or are worried about catching the flu you should speak to your local doctor. 


Written by Newcastle Live

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