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5 Tracks to calm you down from City Calm Down’s Jeremy Sonnenberg

City Calm Down will hit Newcastle’s Bar On The Hill on 21 June. So to get you in the mood we asked the band’s bass player Jeremy Sonnenberg to tell us what tracks calm him down ahead of a big tour. 

So close the curtains, put on your blackest shirt, turn up your computer speakers and while you’re there you can grab a ticket to the show.

1. Stereolab – Come and play in the milky way
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It took me a few years to seek this track out but turns out I had been listening to the mesmerising Stereolab original for years in one of my favourite J-Dilla / Mablib collaborations, “The Message” by Jaylib which samples it oh so well.

2. John Cameron – Liquid Sunshine
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Liquid Sunshine was sitting in a friends record crate a few years back, it was a beautiful afternoon and we were listening to music in This little sun-room and although I had no idea what it sounded like, I wanted to hear what ‘Liquid Sunshine’ sounded like. It really did live up to expectations.

3. Homeshake – Call me up
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This is really a next-level mood enhancer for me. Whether it’s waking me up, after a long draining day at the office or long past my bedtime, this is still my go-to track from Homeshake’s ‘Fresh Air’ album if i need to reset/revitalise.

4. Michael Seyer
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One of those increasingly rare Youtube lucky dips / random recommendations that just came and caught me off-guard (in a nice way) mid-way through the incredibly mundane task of filing/ reorganising my chaotic desktop. I think i start talking to the computer and asking what the f*** this awesome song was as I melted into a much happier place. It has since helped me slide into my favourite outdoor chair at home on more than a few occasions.

5. Kirkis – Cold Crush (MNDSGN remix)
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One of my favourite MNDSGN reworks, ‘Cold Crush’ sounds like what I imagine it may feel like to gently dipped into an ice-bath after being stuck in the desert for several days…ok maybe slightly less of a nasty shock, but soothing beyond belief none the less. Hard to explain.

Written by Newcastle Live

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