5 reasons why seeing Ian Moss solo is on par with a Chisel show

From their beginnings in Adelaide as Orange, Cold Chisel have carved out a path few get to tread in this country, their popularity crossing genres and generations and, in many ways, the band has become the musical symbol of everything Australian. Songs like ‘Khe Sahn’ and ‘Saturday Night’ reverberate even today in suburbs around the nation.


Each member is a star in their own right. Barnsey’s a superstar, Don Walker is the definitive songwriter, quiet and thoughtful, and then there’s Mossy. He is the epitome of sweat-drenched, soul-filled rock that, while present in the Chisel band format, erupts into some unimaginable force when he’s solo.


1. A Mossy solo show is the closest thing you’ll experience to being at the centre of music’s soul

The emotions are raw and real and every note is soulful and sweet, begging your indulgence as they breeze past your ears and play with your heart.


2. The incredible repertoire

With Chisel classics such as ‘When The War Is Over’, ‘My Baby’, ‘Choir Girl’ and ‘Bow River’ combined with his solo ventures like ‘Tucker’s Daughter’ and ‘Telephone Booth’ and the odd standard such as his heart-tugging version of ‘Georgia’, Mossy creates a performance of such depth and colour that, as an audience member, you are swept away on a musical journey that you will remember forever.


3. The man is a guitar virtuoso

I’m sure, escaped his mother’s womb with a guitar in hand just itching to hit the stage. His nimble fingers just don’t portray the flash of speed but I’m sure he can match it with anyone. Sometimes, it’s what he doesn’t play that gets you. And there’s the sustained notes that reach out and caress your ears, the bending strings and the jazz-tinged chords that somehow sum up the mood perfectly – every time, every song.


4. In one show, he will make you feel every emotion you have

He is inside the music. He comes out between songs solely for the purpose of inviting you in too. As you watch and listen, you can’t help jumping on the Moss train and going for the ride. You will feel every emotion and, when it’s all over, you’ll feel as exhausted as Moss looks after he has wrung his body of every speck of energy in delivering his performance for you.


5. It’s a surreal experience for any music lover

There are dimensions that can only exist in this bared back format, levels which will surprise you, delight you and ultimately satisfy every fibre of your musical being. This what Mossy lives for and it shows. A Moss solo show is one of those amazing life moments you should have on your bucket list.



If you’re keen to catch Ian Moss in action, he’s set to hit Newcastle on his ‘Six Strings Classics’ tour at the end of June! Tickets available at the venues or via the links below…

Nelson Bay Diggers on Fri 26 June –

Belmont 16’s on Sat 27 June –



Written by Newcastle Live

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