5 Reasons to Discover your X-Factor in May

Many of us spend our whole life looking for our “tribe” and with that in mind, Hunter Young Professionals run regular events for professionals of all descriptions throughout the year and their next event is on May 25th from 7am at Cooks Hill Surf Club.

To set the scene, here are 5 reasons you should come:

1 – Cooks Hill Surf Club just after sunrise – this is going to be a magical start to the day, who doesn’t want bragging rights at work for the day?

2 – Hi-Top Coffee is included – plus breakfast, so even though you’ll be up nice and early you won’t have to worry about feeding yourself.

3 – All wrapped up by 830am – so you can get to work in time.

4 – Personality Test – Complete the test ( ) ahead of the event to work out your own personality and bring this knowledge to the event ready to discuss the opportunities present now you know a bit more about yourself.

5 – Networking – the perfect opportunity to meet your tribe and expand your network with other like-minded peeps.

Massive bonus: Geoff Crews, Director of Forsythes Recruitment will be speaking and running some group activities to ensure you “uncover and leverage the gifts, skills and qualities” that make you stand out.

Brilliant work from a young organisation helping to shape our beautiful city.

Grab your ticket before they are gone: 

Written by Kian West