5 places to check out now Hunter Street is open again

Here are the top 5 things you might have missed during the whole shutdown of Hunter Street.

Hunter Street is open again! That’s right, you’re no longer forced to drive down King Street to get to the centre of town! #winning!  So, here are the top 5 things you might have missed during the whole shutdown of Hunter Street.

Local Crop

Coming into summer all the foods and all the health stuff is now back in season. Huzzah! Head into local crop on Hunter street for your fix. We’ve written about them before but just in case you missed it, they stock and source all local products. Hence the name. Duh.


The Rock Shop

Now, this, this is an actual Newcastle institution and maybe you’ve missed getting your hands on some sweet gear or records or just having a chat with the Novos who run the whole shebang. It’s now more accessible than ever which means you have no excuse but to head on in and get reacquainted!


Press Book House

Coffee coffee coffee (and books of course). These guys are some of the best in town and now that you can see their front door again it’s about time you head on in hey?! Why not grab a nitro coffee, a toastie, a hand baked good or whatever special they happen to be cooking up at the time and kick start your day in style!


Clarendon Hotel

The staff are great, the happy hour is fresh AF and the courtyard is delightful. You remember the Clarendon right? What day to go you ask? Well, any bloody day you want really but Friday’s are also great and now that we’re coming into summer who doesn’t love a shandy with the boys?


Flying Tiger

What you haven’t heard of the Flying Tiger? It’s time you sat up and paid attention. The owners, operators and loyal regulars have poured a lot of time and effort into the place and now it’s easier to get to than ever. Head in for tapas, dranks and cocktails to boot (which I know are also dranks but you get the picture).


Written by Newcastle Live

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