5 cultural icons Newcastle could use for a billboard

So (#sarcasm), the Opera House…. What is the equivalent here in Newcastle?

The whole world (ok fine maybe just Australia but it should be the whole world) is up in arms over our most famous landmark being used as a billboard for horse racing. A billboard people! The Sydney Opera House is world heritage listed, like for real real not for play play the structure is pretty bloody significant and to see it used in such a way (especially to promote horse racing) is just in very poor taste and I hope we can all agree on that. Here at Newcastle Live though, it got us thinking… What is the equivalent here in Newcastle? The folks at Newy council are always after a quick buck and before Alan Jones has a crack we thought we would give some suggestions. Power to the people and all!

Nobbys Lighthouse

This was a pretty obvious first choice. I mean, it’s white for one which makes the structure very compatible with a high powered projector. It’s also very visible to well… pretty much everyone. Especially all the ships that come in and sing the song of their people at 2 am.

Fort Scratchley

Culturally significant you say? Nah sounds fake to me. I’m sure it also sounds fake to those advertising bigwigs (Don Draper I’m looking at you, you naughty boy) so why not use it to our advantage and rake in the revenue? Also, I heard it’s for sale anyway so…

The pavement of The Hunter Street Mall

Let’s be honest, even with the Light Rail no one is going to set foot in the Hunter Street Mall, amirite? So why not use the bare pavement for something useful? I mean, half the mall is a billboard already anyway. The skeletal remains of the original façade of the David Jones building are actually holding one up right now. Ironic much?

The Obelisk

Another clean faced structure ripe and ready for the taking! It also holds a prime spot up there on the hill and what better clientele to advertise to than those who can afford to buy (or bet on) whatever it is you’re advertising. Win, win, win.

The Cathedral

I’m going to be careful of what I say here but I will say this, it’s a mighty big structure, in a mighty good spot. And if nothing is off limits, the bigger the billboard, the bigger the opportunity I say!

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Fort Scratchley, Newcastle, Australia, photo by Sardaka 10:58, 31 August 2007 (UTC)

Photograph of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia by JohnArmagh

Newcastle’s Obelisk Taken on 12 August 2007 by Rob Freijs

Newcastle’s Hunter Street Mall by Mend6327

Good Night Nobbys Head Lighthouse by Tony Hugo

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