3 songs Kevin Bloody Wilson SHOULD write

We all love a bit of Kevin Bloody Wilson. And we can’t wait to see the 68 year old Aussie legend take to the stage at Belmont 16s on Friday the 11th of September, but we thought a few of his songs could do with a bit of an update.

Putin’ In The Back Of The Ute

It almost writes its self. One of the biggest stories in Australia last year was the whole “Abbott to Shirtfront Putin” thing. We think the lyrics could go something like this…

“Putin’ in the back of the ute, Shirt Fronting with this Abbott clown. Vodka UDLs and a vegemite sandwich, and go Putin’ in the back of the ute”

Living next door to Bronwyn

We think Kev’s parody of New World’s “Living Next Door to Alice” could be given a contemporary make over. And what better Australian character to feature in such a song than our very own, Bronwyn Bishop.

Gina Me Mate The Master Miner

It’s a long bow to draw, but Kev now resides in W.A and Gina was born there and mines the western state of Australia. So it’s kind of possible they’d be mates. Isn’t it? Anyway we think the make over would bring this classic number into the 21st century just nicely.

“Gina Me Mate The Master Miner, put the art back into mining with her custom tailored mines. Gina Me Mate The Master Miner, broke new ground in breaking the earth with her double jointed arse”

Now it’s over to you… Which songs do you think Kev should upgrade. Leave you suggestions in the comments and we’ll pass them along to Kev when we chat with him later this month.

WHO: Kevin Bloody Wilson
WHEN:  Friday the 11th September
WHERE: Belmont 16s