BUSINESS IN FRONT: Meet the 2023 Mulletfest Grand Finalists

This weekend, the 2023 Mulletfest Grand Final will take centre stage at Hebburn Motorsports Park.

The event will see the finest mullets from around the world compete for the ultimate title. Heat at winners, hailing from places as diverse as Darwin and the UK, will go head-to-head in a fierce competition to determine the best mullet of them all.

What started in 2018 as a local initiative to revitalise Kurri Kurri, has evolved into a global sensation, attracting participants and enthusiasts globally. The event, designed to inject fun and tourism into the small town, has become a symbol of community spirit and a celebration of the iconic hairstyle.

The showdown at Hebburn Motorsports Park promises an evening filled with entertainment and rivalry.

Mulletfest event founder Laura Johnson and Australian Comedian Chris Franklin, known for his hit song “Bloke” and a proud mullet wearer, will host the event. This marks Chris’s third time co-hosting a Mulletfest, solidifying his connection to this unique celebration.

Beyond the on-stage competition, spectators can enjoy a variety of off-stage activities. The event will feature food trucks, a sausage sizzle, display skids, show and shine, live music, a jumping castle, face painting, and The Bogan Games, ensuring a lively atmosphere for everyone.

The Mulletfest Grand Final will take over Hebburn Motorsport Park in the Hunter Valley on Saturday, 2 December. For more information visit


Alastair Bush

A UK GP, growing his pandemic mullet, aims for Mulletfest victory in Kurri Kurri’s Grand Final, planning a symbolic mullet burning and fundraising for testicular cancer after suggesting self-exams on international TV.

Bevan and Mitchell White

Mitchell and Bevan have consistently advanced to the Grand Final in Glenreagh, NSW, showcasing their thick, curly locks and impressive stage presence during both years of competition.

Lisa Wright

In a show of support, her lively friends and colleagues, a spirited group, have organized a bus to ensure Lisa receives the backing she deserves in the grand final.

Jayce Bowers

Sporting a fiery red Ranga mullet for four years, his dream of reaching the Mulletfest Grand Final is finally coming true.