The 12 essentials of A Day on the Green Christmas

Christmas came early for the thousands of disco fans who grooved and boogied with KC and the Sunshine Band, Sister Sledge, The Village People and Marcia Hines at Bimbadgen Estate’s A Day on the Green.

Because its Christmas time, and there are more gigs to complete the A Day on the Green 2017/18 season, below are 12 titbits, themed around songs played on the day, to share the festival cheer of A Day on the Green experience.

So here you go go…

1 We’re Lost In Music

Be like Sister Sledge and get Lost in Music at A Day on the Green. True lovers of music are an integral part of an A Day on the Green experience – people from across the generations, made up the appreciative audience at the December 16 event, all who were eager to enjoy the stellar line-up of 1970s and 1980s hit makers.

2 (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty

Follow KC’s instructions. Disco is for dancing. It was really hard to not move to the funky beats and catchy melodies. From the moment Marcia Hines took over the stage, through the disco recorded music sets played between artist’s, The Village People, Sister Sledge and the high-energy set of KC and the Sunshine Band, everyone was moving and grooving. They might have been dancing in their seats, dad dancing, or grooving like they did in their youth – the music and festive mood was infectious.

3 These are the Good Times

Like Sister Sledge suggest in their popular cover of the Chic hit Good Times, to get the most out of your A Day on the Green experience you ‘Don’t be a drag, participate’. Getting involved dancing, singing along, and chatting with other punters, is all part of the charm of these fantastic events.

4 Be like KC and put on your Boogie Shoes

Wearing sparkly disco-themed costumes, and couple’s wearing matching outfits – resplendent with sequins and topped with afro wigs, or gaggles of friends making tribute to The Village People, adorning American Indian headdress, police, cowboy and construction worker themed outfits, we’re very popular on the day. The creativity and spectacle added to the festival atmosphere and showed just how much Hunter Valley audiences love disco, and a celebration. The costumes worn by KC, his dancers and back-up singers were also a highlight of the day.

5 Please Don’t Go

Even though set times were tight, the crowd let Marcia Hines, Sister Sledge and KC and the Sunshine Band know they were loved, and cheered for an encore – with each artist obliging. The only real let down of the gig was the illness-ailed performance of The Village People front man Victor Willis, who, according to the event emcee had lost his voice until the day of the gig.

6 Macho Man

Despite the low-energy performance of Victor Willis, and some at times clunky harmonies, The Village People made good use of the muscular physiques of the other character singers, and some great musicianship by their back-up players, to satisfy their numerous fans in the audience.

7 It’s fun to stay at the YMCA?

Making sure we all understood how to do the YMCA (make sure you throw your ‘C’ to the left, people) was made a priority by The Village People. Their demands dampened the crowd’s enthusiasm at the start, and changed the feel of what could have been the big moment of crowd participation at the event.

8 We Are Family

Whether you’re like Sister Sledge and you’ve got all your sisters with you, or whether it’s you and your mates, there’s a great sense of belonging, and comradery through celebration, at A Day on the Green. No Grinches are allowed.

9 Silent Night?

You could feel the Sister Sledge love the festive season when they started to croon Silent Night – arguably one of the best known Christmas Carols. When the crowd failed to sing along, and they flipped to another track to get back momentum, it was a bit of a letdown. Take note Hunter punters – when singers of renown start singing a Christmas Carol, and especially if it’s almost Christmas, make sure you sing along, hum along, JOIN IN!! Take note of the above. No Grinches allowed!

10 You (nothing) Can’t Stop the Music

Even the threat of storms – with lightning strikes visible in the far distance – were enough to stop the party at A Day on the Green. It’s good to note, with A Day on the Green being held outdoors, when you attending these events you need to be prepared for everything the Hunter Valley weather can offer – blazing sun, soaking rain and chilling cold.

11 That’s The Way, I like it

There was magic made every time the players called out ‘party people’ to the reply of ‘woot, woot’ by their audience. There’s something wonderful about reminiscing and being reminded of times past. Nostalgia is an emotion that the A Day on the Green series makes great use of. And more power to it.

12 Keep It Comin’ Love

There was a sense of anticipation amongst the crowd, and those this reviewer spoke with, about the other events and bands that will be showcased as part of the A Day on the Green 2017/2018 season. It’s a great line-up and if you want to be there, make sure you get in early to make sure you’re part of the fun, as tickets sell quickly.

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