10 minutes with ‘puppeteer’ Greg “Nacho” Chivers

What do  you ask a ‘Penis puppeteer’? Should we ask the HARD questions? Should we consider it NUTS to interview someone who makes shapes with his penis for a living? To get ourselves out of this HAIRY situation we asked you to submit the questions and here’s the results. 

Puppetry of the Penis was conceived in 1996 as the title of a highbrow art calendar by Simon Morley. The Calendar showcased  twelve of his favorite penis installations known as “Dick Tricks”. Years before, Simon’s youngest brother had shown him his installation, ‘The Hamburger’. But it wasn’t until New Year’s Eve in 1997, with a garage full of calendars to sell and burgeoning requests for live demonstrations, when Simon finally decided to unleash his talent on the world. His natural choice of performance partner was David “Friendy” Friend, whose reputation as the life of any party was quickly growing. Together, Simon and Friendy’s solo “acts” became Puppetry of the Penis, and a global phenomenon was born.

We sat down with one of the newer ‘puppeteers’ Greg “Nacho” Chivers for a chat about their upcoming tour of the Hunter. We were unsure of what questions to ask, so we ask you, our readers to submit the questions which made for a great interview as you can see below.

What did your friends think when you became Penis Puppeteer?

They thought it made sense. I was doing dick tricks at parties anyway, so it was just a matter of time.

What’s your favourite trick in the show?

I do a trick called “The other woman”. I love that trick because it requires lots of detail.

How do you see the show if you’re all the way up the back of the room?

There’s a big screen and we also get into the crowd for a few drive-by’s.

Do you get hit on at shows?

Not really,  but there is crowd participation that can sometimes get a little friendly. 

If you had to give some advice to an amateur dick tricker, what would it be?

Alcohol! No really. ‘Give it a go’ is what I tell people who are keen. Oh, and make sure you tell a story around the trick, don’t pull it out.

What’s the training like for a novice puppeteer?

Alcohol! No really. Seriously though, get in the shower and in front of the mirror.  It’s all about attention to detail, so make sure you practice!

Does ‘it’ still work properly after all that punishment and twisting.

That’s my best trick – wink wink.

How do you warm up before a show?

Alcohol! No really. It’s all carless free fun. We take it seriously, but we have fun. It’s just like it was when I was doing it at parties. 

Do you ever do a duo shape?

Not yet, but that’s a great idea!

Has the craft had any ill effects on the organ?

The odd blood blister.

Any beneficial ones?

My Ball bag hangs lower so I need to buy bigger undies. I suppose that’s not a benefit though. 

Does cold weather effect the length of the show?

It can.  We have a NO AIR CON policy on our rider though. 

Due to the success of the show, Do you now suffer from penis envy?

It’s not the size of the presentation. Big mac or cheese burger, it doesn’t matter,  it’s how you present it.

Do the other puppeteers ever piss you off… aka do any ‘dick moves’?

Sword fights!

You can catch Puppetry of the Penis at the following venues and dates. See their website to purchase tickets and find out more about the show.

Wests New Lambton on Friday Sept 5

Nelson Bay Diggers on Saturday Sept 6

Cessnock Leagues Club on Friday Sept 12

Belmont 16s on Saturday Sept 13

Doyalson Wyee RSL Club on Friday Sept 19

Muswellbrook RSL club on Saturday Sept 20

Doyalson Wyee RSL Club on Friday Sept 19

Written by Newcastle Live

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