10 with Jim Gordon’s Travelling Companions

Jim Gordon’s Travelling Companions play The Great Northern Hotel in Newcastle this Saturday (June 21), so we thought we’d spend ten finding out what makes Jim tick.

1 – What attracts you to a life of playing music?

Everyone should have a creative outlet. Music to me is the one outlet that can be just as powerful on your own as it can be in a group.

2 – Who’s your favourite artist and why?

I cannot split Wilco and the Black Crowes. Wilco for the head and the Black Crowes for the hips.

3 – What should people expect when they come to see your show at the Great Northern?

Great melodic music with a dash of spiritual redemption.

4 – What was the last album you purchased?

Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Phosphorescent Harvest. Chris Robinson in also the lead singer of the black Crowes.

5 – How would you describe your sound?

Bastard love child of 70′s Stones, Rumours era Fleetwood Mac, Springsteen and Tom Waits.

6 – What do you think about people sharing music for free online?

I would rather people hear my music. If that means free downloads then so be it.

7 – Have you been doing any recording?

Yep loads. I have bucket loads of stuff I have down by my self and with Chris McDermid over the years. I am planning to record an album with the full band (as live as possible) in the near future.

I am actually considering releasing the album with the full individual wav files as a bonus disk so that people could remix or slice and dice the songs anyway they choose.

8 – Where do you find your inspiration to write songs?

Write what you know about. For me it is the personal relationships I have and also imaginings of circumstances that I project on characters.

Most lyrics come out of a mumble track. The problem with mumble tracks is that they often throw up interesting but less than useful phrases that sound great but don’t mean anything.

I have a song called Just to be that is almost pure mumble track. I could never find better sounding words.

9 – Where did you meet the other members of the band?

I have known Chris Mcdermid for ever. He has been in every band I have ever been in. He is the original Travelling Companion.

I know John McIvor from back in day. He was a band called Boogie Chillum.

Brad Elliot and Chris Lee are recent finds. I met them through Paul Elliot (Brad’s brother) who was the original other lead guitarist.

Hunter Powell is my nephew. He has the curse of music. Hw is an extremely gifted guy.

10 – Tell us about a gig you’ll never forget.

Wilco at the Enmore theatre. It was for their album Sky Blue Sky. They played the three opening songs from that album to start the show. I was a little inebriated by that stage. I cried I was moved so much.  Not sure I should have shared that.

Jim Gordon’s Travelling Companions play The Great Northern Hotel in Newcastle this Saturday (June 21). Contact the venue for more information.

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