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Written, directed and choreographed by local dancer and choreographer Sonya Manzalini, “Zingara!” reinforces the idea of dance as a universal language that eclipses the boundaries of age, nationality and status. The show hits the Civic Playhouse on August 8 for two shows. 

Zingara! is a culmination of almost 2 years work by a dedicated group of amazing women and men who share their lives and experiences with each other through dance and laughter, tears and stories.

The show is an innovative dance production that portrays the story of a gypsy dancer, a story of life’s joys and sorrows, from child to elder, unfolding through dance, drumming, stunning costumes and beautiful dancing.

The title of the show “Zingara: is the Italian word for Gypsy and is and acknowledgement of Sonya’s Italian heritage.

The show aims to develop an understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity by presenting a story that deals with a range of everyday of emotions common to all peoples, be they gypsies, refugees or any person considered “other”.

The story explores the many aspects and emotions we all feel as we experience life’s joys, tragedies, spirituality and inspirations.

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WHAT: Zingara!
WHEN: August 8 – 2pm & 8pm
WHERE: Civic Playhouse
MORE INFO: civictheatrenewcastle.com.au

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